Car Air Freshener

Car air fresheners come with 3 ml fragrance bottle plus extra pads for if you want to change the fragrance
How to use.
Open car air freshener put a few drops of fragrance on pad make sure the pad is wet but never dripping with fragrance ( if fragrance drips onto your interior it could damage it) if you have a glitter pad put the fragrance on the opposite side as fragrance will not soak through glitter & close 
Then put into air vent in your car.

"Leave Fragrance Oil Choice in Notes Section Upon Check Out"
Stress (Lime Lemon Bergamot Orange Mandarin)
Uplifting (Bergamot Peppermint Clary Sage Aniseed Cedarwood)
Calming  (Lavender  Chamomile)
Chill (Mandarin Lime Lemon)
Happiness (Geranium Mandarin Bergamot)
Harmony (Geranium Orange Lavender Ylang Ylang)
Meditate (Lime lemon Bergamot Orange Mandarin)
Tranquil (Geranium Mandarin  Bergamot)