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Blue Quartz

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Approx size 3.5cm x 2.5cm 

Blue is a colour which homes in on communication issues, therefore this stone will aid you in communicating with people at work and in everyday life, with spiritual beings, and also with your higher self. Blue quartz is an effective tool to use in aura cleansing, as it has the ability to eliminate stubborn blockages. It enables us to conduct dream work more efficiently, and it heightens psychic awareness by targeting the third eye chakra; as well it inspires loyalty, diplomacy, and tact. Blue quartz' healing energies target the heart, eyesight, the respiratory and immune systems, and throat health issues; and also thyroid, tinnitus, hearing, oral ulcers, and tonsillitis. Though not primarily a physical issue, it can be of help to those with anorexia nervosa, which involves various chakras, therefore would be best used with other  stones (thulite, moss agate, topaz, citrine, rhodochrosite, and rose quartz among them).