Hematite Quartz
Hematite Quartz
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Hematite Quartz

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Approx Size 5.6cm Dia

Hematite itself is a very efficient stone to have in one’s tool box. I have often said if it  is the only one you can find, it’s all you need. Hematite provides protection on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As it is a grounding stone, it will assist you in being in the body, focused and centered mentally as well as giving you confidence to overcome any limitations created by yourself or others.

When combined (included) in quartz, it will form in several ways. One way involves hematite in its gray form, either attached to the quartz, or covered entirely by the quartz. When in this form, the hematite quartz piece appears heavier in hand. You might call this form “The General” as it is definitely one to take action. This type is often preferred over the second type we will discuss.

Hematite, in many quartz pieces, shows up as a red powder in the included quartz. In this way, your quartz piece will have an all over red appearance, or it may be flecked with the red powder. This type of hematite included quartz is much more gentle when you are using it. Here it acts as the supportive friend, with the question “How may I help you to balance your need.”

There will be times when you will need either one of these quartz pieces. The General, who takes action immediately, or The Supporter who tends to negotiate the situation to a very successful conclusion. The quartz in this, as well as in any other included mineral, acts as an enhancer of the overall energy presented by the piece.

We know that quartz conducts heat or electric impulse. That it is programmable, that is we can put an intent into it. Quartz also acts to enhance the energies of other stones or that which is included in it.

When we find Hematite Included Quartz we naturally assume that it will increase the energy intent of the Hematite. Knowing that both the Quartz and Hematite are both protective we can be assured that energy is a higher vibration and will assist in repelling the negative or discordant energies that come at us. Because of Hematite’s nature, we can become even more grounded and focused because of this combination.

Have you ever had one of those low points when you find yourself at the bottom with what looks like no way out? This stone will lift you up and out of that state, supporting in a positive way. This piece can be found with the Hematite stone itself embedded or included within. It can also be found as Quartz with a red tint or the powdered inclusion.

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