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Wishing Candles

Wishing Candles

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Black is for Protection against negativity. Black will help stop bullying and harassment.  To anoint this candle, you could use Basil.

White is classed and neutral and can be used in any spell. You can replace any colour candle with white in a spell. White candles can represent peace and hope. You could anoint with any herb or flower petals you have or one that would match your intention.

Red is for confidence and courage. Red arouses passion, can also be used for the protection against domestic violence. In addition, you could anoint this candle with cinnamon.

Orange is used for self-confidence, healing and creativity. In other words, this is a good colour for communication & education. To anoint this candle, you could use chamomile.

Green represents abundance (can mean wealth in all areas) and success. In addition, Green is used for health and prosperity. You could use allspice to anoint this candle.

Blue is use for intuition, loyalty and forgiveness. Can also be used for travel and matters of the home. Anoint this candle with Thyme.

Purple for general protection, spirituality and general healing. In Addition, it may be used to invoke spirits or for work issues. A purple candle can be anointed with rosemary.

Pink is for romance and affection. Pink will create harmony in any relationship, in addition Pink is also used for musical talents. You could anoint with lavender.

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