Face Rollers


By incorporating into your daily routine, you start and end the day with crystal energy

Always start from the center of your face and move outwards to direct the energy flow out ward

I use mine morning and night and it gives a healthy glow to the skin, I’m not claiming it stops wrinkles. It is however natural and it’s addictive once you incorporate it into your beauty routine.

The crystal gives us its healing energies, as well as the calming  feel of the cold roller on your bare skin

Use the roller with essential oils, serum or facial moisturizer. A few minutes is all it takes.

The benefits include : 

~ increase blood circulation to the skin

~ decrease tension in facial muscles

~ remove toxins causing darkness & puffiness

~ improve lymphatic drainage 

~ use over fine lines to encourage elasticity and firmness

~ increase skin renewal for brighter luminous skin

~ pamper yourself with Mother Earth natural non invasive healing 

For radiance and removing puffiness use the roller the following way:

Place your roller in the fridge for a beautiful cooling effect, this freshens and reduces puffiness in the morning

Direct the roller moving the crystal towards the outer edge of the face, then down to your neck, use morning and night if you desire

For Fine Lines or Sagging Skin use the roller the following way:

Combined with your facial serum, preferred moisturizer or essential oil

This will smooth the product evenly into the skin whilst massaging at the same time

For dark circles or bags/puffiness under the eye use the roller the following way: 

Use the smaller end which has been in the fridge, the cooling sensation will brighten and help constrict blood vessels and lighten dark circles. Move the roller from the nose towards the outer edge of your cheeks gently 

I also find it beneficial If you have a headache, place an amethyst tumble stone on your forehead for 10 minutes and then alternate to the cold roller (out fridge).

The sensation is wonderful natural relief, especially if your headache is caused by stress. Rose quartz is beneficial for hormonal headaches. Amethyst is beneficial for stress and anxiety headaches. 

If you have facial pain use the roller the following way:

Start near your nose and work outwards to your ears and down to your neck, use the size which suits you best. The neck is best using the larger roller. 

This crystal, like all crystals should be cleansed & charged on a regular basis. This this keeps the stone energized, healing and working for us effectively 

To clean, simply rinse under cold water or wipe gently with a damp towel after showering