About Us

For years I have been making soy wax candles and it all started from my love of creating beautiful candles.

Alongside my love for aromatherapy, I have always loved crystals. In 2019, I was given the opportunity to add a range of crystals to my collection, and since then I have incorporated crystals into to my candles, so everyone has a special something on top.

Crystals & Flames is proudly based in Melbourne, Australia and was born from a love of candles combined with a passion for the planet. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice style to live a sustainable life. 

Our range of smudging materials extend to resin, incense, palo santo as well as White Sage. We have a variety of different sizes to what suits you best. These can come in special kits as well as along with a Smudging Guide created by us.

I believe that each crystal holds special properties that can help you in your day to day. Each crystal that comes into Crystals and Flames is handpicked by myself, Natellie. 

We also hold a range of various jewellery items such as pendants, rings and necklaces. These are mostly, one of a kind as well as held in Sterling Silver. 

My aim for Crystals and Flames to be a one stop shop for all things that can make your house a home. We hold a wide range of products from scented items such as candles, wax melts, essential and fragrant oils to books and tarots. We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of different crystals. My aim to continue to forever expand these crystals as well as source more rare and one of a kind items.

Crystals and Flames continues to grow each day and we cannot wait to bring our customers on our journey with us.

I would like to thank everyone for your continuous support as our business reaches it's highest potential,