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Once you have your new crystals it’s an important step to become friends and resonate with them

To do this you need to cleanse, charge, and program them on a regular basis to keep them healthy, vibrant and filled with amplified and positive energies

I have included some of my favorite preferences & others which you may try:


I prefer and always use White Sage Smudge Sticks with Abalone Shell and Feather, this removes negative energies, lower vibrations and instills positive and fresh energy. It will never damage any crystal and will cleanse every crystal in your collection. I find this the easiest and safest method. Plus, I have hundreds to cleanse each week! I also use a Tibetan Singing Bowl for sound vibration cleansing. Smaller tumbles may be placed inside the bowl while cleansing also.

Crystals may be placed in a large group, for both white sage and sound cleansing, just ensure the sound and smoke passes through and around them all evenly. 

~Citrine clusters may also be used by placing your crystals gently on it or beside.

~Sunlight is also safe, just don't leave them in direct hot sun for prolonged periods of time

~Water and ocean, ensure your crystal type can be cleansed in water before using this method

~ visualization, use your positive thought of white light flowing around and removing any negative vibes from your stones

~ burying in the earth overnight also works, ensure soil is not wet and gently cover your stones


Crystals love charging in the Full Moon each month. They may be left outside in a safe place or inside on your window where they receive moonlight

Sunlight is another way to charge and energize your crystals for a few hours 

The use of a Clear Quartz Generator placed in the center of a circle with the stones around the outside, this will energize them all evenly

 Amethyst Clusters will also amplify smaller crystal pieces in their surrounds or place them on the Cluster

Selenite Generators or Charging Plates are another option, plates work by placing smaller stones on or touching the surface


Crystals need us to tell them what healing we require of them, otherwise they remain just a pretty looking stone without really sharing their energies with you!

To program for intent hold your crystals in your palm and place before your Third Eye Chakra

With relaxed thought and mind, speak to your crystal and tell it your wishes and manifestations

You may wish for, health & harmony, inner balance, abundance and success, happiness, love, good health, prosperity etc.

 Use the appropriate crystal type for your desired outcome and energies

Use your Third Eye center to visualize a picture of your desires to your crystals whilst asking for its help and energies

Always give thanks to your crystal and the Universe for the healing vibes and energies being given