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Tibetan Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant

Tibetan Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant

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Pronounced Yu - is the name for Turquoise to the Tibetans, it is indigenous and they feel knowledge from the mineral comes from within the Turquoise and not through outside influences. In other words, Tibetans feel that Turquoise Stones have many powers and values within the stone itself.

ibetan Turquoise Natural Gemstone works in healing the Throat Chakra and unblocking any energy that has been suppressed over time. Along with healing self-expression, Tibetan Turquoise is known as a purification stone and is a great tool for centering and mediation. Similar to many healing stones, Tibetan Turquoise holds friendship energy and makes for an intimate sentimental gift.

Set in .925 Sterling Silver, Mined in Tibet

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