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Black Agate Tumbled

Black Agate Tumbled

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Black Agate is a complex stone that holds many meanings. Take one look at its historical significance, and you’ll see that this simple black mineral meant a lot to healers, spiritualists, and everyone in between!

That said, modern crystal practitioners agree that the primary meaning of Black Agate revolves around strength, emotional balance, and stability.

Its healing properties can wipe away negativity and give you the strength to overcome your own hurdles. But unlike other healing crystals, it doesn’t take care of the brunt work alone.

Sure, it grants protection and ongoing support to get you through the tough times. Ultimately though, it complements your own strength and willpower. Black Agate is like a teacher and a guardian. It does some heavy lifting while also giving you the tools you need to stand on your own two feet.

On the emotional front, Black Agate is a master healer. It has a similar job to many other black-colored stones. While some associate the color black with negativity and pain, it’s quite the opposite in the crystal kingdom.

You see, stones like Black Agate are somewhat sacrificial. Many say that they take on the black coloration because they continually absorb the dark energy that floats around your aura!

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