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White Elemental Crystal Oracle Cards

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What a magical and accurate deck. The crystal’s energy is able to be felt via the cards and the communication is very clear. Visually they are appealing and different. Every card has healing infused in it.
It is believed that for the first time in print the oracle has cards relating to transgender, a serene energy that honours a person with an impairment. There is a quirky energy that will remind you of the compare of “Pink’s” tour in 2013.

There is a reading from the crystal, image and every card has an essence available for purchase great for healers and the Kinesiologist, or simply if the energy calls you. The synergy crystal images call in major power, cards 54-65.
The oracle supports your journey by providing energy and wisdom from the crystals and the ancient ones that have travelled in the crystals in order to be captured on paper.

There are 65 cards and a booklet with coloured pictures of each crystal.