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Crystals & Flames

Crystals for everyday living

Crystals for everyday living

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Healing Handbooks: Crystals for Everyday Living by Bounty

Crystals, jewels of the Earth, are perfect companions in our busy lives. When you want to find a few moments of calm, simply hold your favourite crystal discreetly in your hand. When you need to find your creativity, just gaze at a crystal on your desk. When you want to connect with your romantic side, meditate on a piece of rose quartz - the perfect crystal to put you in the right mood.



Crystals for Everyday Living helps you choose, tune, and use a selection of beautifully coloured crystals, each with their own special properties, for healing aspects of your life that need a helping hand. Certain situations, such as travelling, may regularly make you feel stressed, while others, such as giving presentations, may cause you to feel anxious. Here is an easy, accessible way to help get you through those tricky moments, leaving you on top of any situation during your hectic day.
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