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Elite Shungite

Elite Shungite

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  • Shungite is a rare black stone made of up to 90% carbon.
  •  shungite can filter water by removing contaminants and organic substances like pesticides. studies also found that carbon from shungite can remove radioactive compounds from water.
  • Promotes cell renewal.
  • Detoxification on a physical and subtle energetic level by absorbing toxic energies.
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria, restructures water, absorbs various heavy metals, as well as organic and inorganic substances.
  • Protects against harmful EMF radiation in a wide frequency range.
  • Balances and activates the lower chakras.
  • Traditionally, water infused with shungite has been used for:

    • allergies
    • sore throats
    • asthma
    • gastric issues
    • arthritis
    • kidney problems
    • liver problems
    • gallbladder issues
    • autoimmune disease
    • pancreatic dysfunction
    • chronic fatigue


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