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Garbage Pail Kids Tarot Deck

Garbage Pail Kids Tarot Deck

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Bring the wacky and weird world of the Garbage Pail Kids into your tarot practice with this illustrated deck inspired by the iconic trading cards!

Beloved for nearly forty years, the Garbage Pail Kids have shocked, delighted, and entertained fans around the world through a trademark combination of gross-out humour, sharp wit, and spectacular artwork.

Now, tarot enthusiasts and card collectors alike can celebrate their Garbage Pail Kids fandom with this official GPK tarot deck. Comprised of 78 original paintings, this tarot deck includes both classic characters such as Adam Bomb and brand-new additions to the world of Garbage Pail Kids. Every card is stunningly painted by fan-favourite artist Miran Kim, whose unique vision combines powerful mysticism with the beloved style of Garbage Pail Kids, making this deluxe set a must-have keepsake for GPK collectors and tarot enthusiasts.

Packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box, the set includes both major and minor arcana, along with a helpful guidebook that explains the meaning of each card and simple spreads for easy readings. Garbage Pail Kids: The Official Tarot Deck and Guidebook is sure to delight (and disgust) GPK fans, avid collectors, and tarot practitioners alike.
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