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Crystals & Flames

Mini Chip Bottles 6 PACK

Mini Chip Bottles 6 PACK

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These Mini Chip Bottle Packs are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. These jars are great for decoration, your altar or keeping in your bag so that you can bring their energy wherever you go.

Each bottle contains crystals, 
1x Sodalite, 1x Clear Quartz, 1x Citrine, 1x Amethyst, 1x Green Aventurine, 1x Rose Quartz.
Each bottle is approximately 5cm high from base to the top of the lid. 
A brief meaning behind each crystal in this pack is... 
Sodalite for communication.

Clear Quartz for your Master Healer and balancer.

Citrine for abundance. 

Amethyst for calmness.

Green Aventurine for comfort.

Rose Quartz for unconditional love.

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