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Moon Magic Book & Card Deck

Moon Magic Book & Card Deck

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This Moon Magic deck offers the reader a chance to see what the future might hold for them. Using the divination spreads demonstrated in this book and card set, the reader can find guidance, direction and cosmic secrets revealed.

Oracles are not simply a deck of cards - they are an ever-changing storybook of life, in all its possibilities, each card revealing a chapter, each spread building up to reveal the bigger picture. Dreams of past, present and future shimmer from these cards, as they divulge a myriad of possibilities. Ultimately though, only you can determine your fate. The cards simply show the options available to a person at any one time.

In addition to divination spreads for card readings, these cards can also be used in magical work, as a point of focus for spellcasting. In this way, the cards become a spell work tool in their own right, helping your mind to concentrate on the magical task at hand. The cards can also be used for meditation, focusing on one of the images to see what it conjures up for the reader. Or perhaps they might want to carry a card with them, drawing on the power it represents as they go about their day-to-day life. In this way, the Moon Magic Deck becomes an interactive tool of magic, lending enchantment to daily life.

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