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New Moon Spell Kit

New Moon Spell Kit

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Created by Witch & Co, New Moon Spell Kit.

The beginning of a new Luna cycle. This is the time we use to set goals and manifest what you want to achieve for the upcoming month.

Find a nice quiet and comfortable space. Light your Palo Santo Stick and cleanse the area, take 3 deep breaths in and out. Place on a fireproof dish and let it burn out. Light one of your spell candles (make sure it is in a holder).
Place in any order your Labradorite Chips and New Moon Spell Mix into empty jar. As you are doing this, think or write down all the things you want to manifest for the new moon cycle ahead. Say the New Moon Spell while you are doing this.
Once Jar is full, place the cork back on top and seal with dripping wax from spell candle. Once you have finished, light Palo Santo stick and Cleanse yourself and the area.

Keep your jar under the new moon for the night then you can either bury it or place it somewhere of your choosing.

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