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Purple Agate Tumbled

Purple Agate Tumbled

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Like the rest of the agates, it is used as a protective amulet and its power is considered to go beyond human understanding. It is used to protect individuals during sleep hours, prevents nightmares and guarantees that the wearer can spend a quiet night. Purple agate, allows its wearer to improve.

Another of the properties is that it can strengthen your mental abilities and your inner strength. For this reason, in some cultures, a small purple agate stone is delivered to the soldiers, who placed it in their uniform to ask him to lead them to victory. It also serves to increase spiritual sensitivity and stimulate the creative capacity of its wearer.

The infinite amount of healing and energy uses of this stone makes it one of the most used in the field of work with crystals and rocks. Although each of its multiple variants has a specific use, the agate can be used to balance the energy meridians. There are those who say the purple agate enhances fertility and improves eye health.

Heal internal anger and encourage love and courage to start over. It is useful for any type of emotional trauma. In addition, they create a sense of security by dissolving internal tension. Spiritually, the Agate raises awareness and links with the collective consciousness and consciousness of the unity of life. Encourages serene contemplation and assimilation of life’s experiences, leading to healthy growth. Resorting to purple agate will help you stabilize your aura while eliminating negative energies and transforming them into positive ones. The agate cleansing effect is such that you will realize the great physical and emotional benefits.

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