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Raw Apophyllite

Raw Apophyllite

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Approx Size 14cm x 11cm

Known as the stone of truth, Apophyllite’s energy can encourage you to be true to yourself and to others. By helping you in clearing out negative thoughts or feelings you may have, this crystal can assist you to feel more grounded and calm.

  • For healing work, as it is an amazing transmitter of vibrational energy it can help enhance and uplift healing work. Many reiki practitioners may choose apophyllite in the healing space, often being referred to as the Reiki stone.
  • Apophyllite can aid in spiritual healing on a deep level and is said to aid calming anxiety, relieving stressful thoughts and depression.
  • To benefit from the healing aspects of Apophyllite, try sitting quietly for 15-20 minutes. Think about the worries and fears that you may have and allow the natural healing to calm and quieten your soul.
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