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Botanical Stones

Spirit Element Ring

Spirit Element Ring

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Sage twig and Herkimer Diamond, created by Botanical Stone.

Spirit or Aether is the interconnectedness of all things. It is the breath of life, the space between spaces, the bridge between worlds. It is Chi or Prana; the divine wisdom and communication that happens within cells. Without it we cease to exist. For this element, the combination of 2 plants was chosen to work alongside Herkimer Diamond: The twig of sage and the leaf from Aya. Together they bridge the higher realm of spirit to physicality, while Herkimer enables a powerful, highly spiritual connection and the ability to remove outer influences so that clear thought can be brought through. The blending of thoughts and emotions to create one mind while giving you clarity with deeper insight and understanding, bringing your awareness to the higher aspects of Self, gifting you back down into your physical body.

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