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Botanical Stones

Water Willow Thin Stacking Ring (Size 6)

Water Willow Thin Stacking Ring (Size 6)

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Sterling Silver ring, created by Botanical Stone

Water is Flowing, ever changing. Trust and intuition. Feeling with every great breath all that is around you. Water is a conduit. It holds information as ancient as the primordial sea itself. Combining Willow tree and Larimar together in this beautiful combination is a reminder to allow yourself to Be. Whether that is in your emotions, physicality, stillness in the mind or spirit, a gentle reminder to the great wisdom that is held within every cell in your body; That when you trust in YOUR innate wisdom, the emotional intelligence that will shine through will give you the strength and courage to walk your highest path. Because you are in flow, all that is needed comes, due to the unwavering trust. Water people are deep. Their sensitivity is magical, and to learn how to be Water gives you the knowledge of the universe. Without water- the wisdom of the earth cannot be delivered.

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